Laparoscopic Surgery

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The  laparoscope, a thin, illuminated telescope  is inserted through a small incision usually made in the umbilicus (belly button). The laparoscope allows the surgeon to see and operate within the abdomen without having to use a long incision. Two or three smaller incisions are made along the sides of the abdomen, to allow passage of highly specialized surgical instruments.

Laparoscopic techniques allow surgery to be performed with smaller incisions and less trauma to body tissues, quicker recoveryand fewer days in the hospital. In many cases, patients go home the same day or the next morning.

Laparoscopic surgery procedures include:

  • Ovarian cystectomy
  • Ovarian drilling for polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Division of adhesions
  • Treatment of endometriosis
  • Removal of tubes and ovaries as risk reducing surgery for cancer