Transcervical Resection of endometrial polyp

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This is a procedure of removing polyps arising from the internal lining of the uterus (womb) using a hysteroscope. A polyp may be removed by avulsion or by using a loop using electric current, a procedure called resection of polyp. Resection reduces the chances of recurrence of the polyp. It is done under general anaesthesia, and is done either as a day case or as one night hospital stay for recovery.

Polyps are a common finding, and may give no problems at all. However, when problematic they are associated with heavy periods and irregular bleeding, and also associated with miscarriages.

Endometrial polyps can be an underlying cause for recurrent miscarriages and are best removed prior to trying for a further pregnancy.

IVF clinics recommend removal of the polyps prior to start of stimulation and embryo transfer.

When endometrial polyps cause heavy periods and irregular spotting in between, either avulsion or resection of the polyp will significantly improve symptoms.