Cervical Smear and HPV testing

Cervical smear and HPV testing form the basis for screening for cervical cancer. At Women’s Health Care Ltd, we can provide annual cervical smears with HPV testing. This is done by scraping superficial cells from the neck of the womb with a soft brush. The cells are then sent to the laboratory for analysis. In the majority, the cells are normal. However, when the cells are not normal, the changes may be low grade or high grade. A smear with low grade changes in the cells is tested for high risk human papilloma virus (HPV) as these have a higher risk of cervical cancer. If positive for high risk HPV or when there is a high grade abnormality in the cells, the woman is referred for colposcopy.

Screening on the NHS starts at 25 by invitation, and then at 3 yearly intervals between the years of 25 to 49 and 5 yearly from age 50 to 64 (NHS  cervical screening programme).

We can offer earlier and more frequent screening with an option for routine testing for high risk HPV. Many women prefer annual cervical smears for peace of mind, and we are happy to provide this service.